Taking Our Dancers To The Next Level
 Taking Our Dancers To The Next Level


Below is our current weekly class timetable. More weekday dance classes coming soon!

All classes include a mixture of ballet, tap and modern.

(Please note ages are a rough guideline as classes are mainly grouped on ability)


Wednesday's @ Hawkwell Village Hall - SS5 4EH


Time Class Ages
4.30pm - 5.20pm Twinkles Toes 3 - 5 years
5.30pm - 6.20pm Primary

6 - 8 years

6.30pm - 8.20pm Juniors/Grade 1+ 9+

(Timeslots above are currently adjusted in line with our COVID policy to allow time to clean inbetween classes) 


Sunday's @ Stambridge Memorial Hall - SS4 2AR


Time Class Ages
9.30am - 10.20am Twinkles Toes 3 - 5 years
10.30am - 12.00pm Primary 

6 - 8 years

(Half hour cross over for stretch & acro class)
11.30pm - 1.00pm Junior/Grade 1+ 9+ years

(Timeslots above are currently adjusted in line with our COVID policy to allow time to clean inbetween classes)


** First class is free! **


At Elevation Dance Studios we are open 46 weeks a year.

Our term fee structure divides those 46 weeks into 4 terms:


January – March / April – June / July - September / October - December


Twinkle Toes Classes - £48.00 per term

Primary Classes - £60.00 per term

Junior Classes - £72.00 per term


Payment must be made in advance of each term

and fees will not be refunded if your child leaves during the term.


If you join in the middle of a term – the termly payment will be prorated based on how many weeks are left in the term at the point of joining.



Payments can be made by cash or BACS only        



Class Descriptions


Twinkle Toes

- Fun classes for ages 3+

- Learning the basics of Ballet, Tap & Modern

- Allows pupils to use their imaginations and discover new ways of moving

- Children can take their first Rosette exams



- Pupils start learning from the structured IDTA syllabus.

- Helping to improve physical and social skills

- Children can be entered for examinations if they wish - a great way to gain confidence!

A great way to learn and develop the Ballet, Tap and Modern styles of dance



- Pupils move onto Graded examinations, progressing from Grade 1 to Grade 5

- Once all Graded examinations are completed, pupils can then move onto higher syllabi if they wish.





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